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GPS MTS Go for Flight February 2013

45th Space Wing (AFSPC) Acceptance of United Launch Alliance (ULA) GPS Tracking System for Atlas V and Delta IV. Microwave Innovations congratulates the ULA team and all its supporting suppliers on the GPS Metric Tracking System (MTS) program and best wishes to all a long and successful future.
Per AFSPCMAN 91-710, the requirements for each Launch Vehicle (LV) based tracking source are documented in a version of RCC-324 tailored by 45th Wing Safety and the LV Owner., The ULA GPS Receiver and S-Band Transmitter system have demonstrated full compliance with the tailored RCC-324. Compliance was determined via extensive laboratory testing and three certification flights (two at CCAFS and one at VAFB). The 45th Wing Range Safety group now accepts the ULA GPS as a valid Atlas V and Delta IV tracking

For more information on the GPS MTS and its supporting MI S-Band BPSK transmitter contact: info[at]mi-telemetry.com.


New 5-Watt 315 MHz P-Band Transmitter Announced December 2012

Microwave Innovations has completed qualification tests, shipped product, and has made a standard product a new small package high reliability P-Band transmitter for all COTS applications, ground, sea, air, space launch, and space applications with MI traditional full environmental performance capabilities. This product features True FM Modulation, factory set fixed frequency simplicity 300 to 330 MHz in 100 kHz steps, high frequency stability, 100 Hz to 500 kHz response, IRIG-106-75, MIL-STD-461 & 462 performance, and low DC Power operation 25 Watts at 28 VDC.

For more information contact: sales[at]mi-telemetry.com.


Rapid Development & Mission Demonstration November 2012

Microwave Innovations completion of a rapid PCM Encoder & Telemetry Transmitter System, Development, Qualification, and Production of 6 flight units in record 4 months. Faced with a very short schedule to provide proof of concept package, a leading Aerospace company calls upon the MI team to quickly provide a complete Telemetry Package including Sensors, PCM Encoder, and S-Band package from clean-sheet design to full qualification test including thermal cycle, pyrotechnic shock, and vibration. Design, Qualification Test, and Acceptance Testing of 6 completed systems on-time and in-specification, and product demonstration success!

For more information on the Engineering & System Design contact: info[at]mi-telemetry.com.

Multi-Band (UHF, L, S, and C-Band) Low Data Rate Receiver, Analog or Digital Output

Low Cost Multi-Band FSK Receiver August 2012

Microwave Innovations completes development and offers as standard product flexible multi-band FSK Receiver for low data rate applications in aeronautical and space launch telemetry requirements. Rugged, light weight, low power, fixed frequency simplicity supporting UHF, L, S, and C-Band, providing from 1 to 100 kbps data rates with a RS-422 or Analog output interface. Originally designed to support Sounding Rocket and COTS Small Satellite missions this high reliability receiver can be used for any telemetry mission requirement from ground to space based missions.

For more information contact: sales[at]mi-telemetry.com.

T4XO with Integrated Antenna & Transmitter Assembly

T2XO Transmit Power Addition May 2012

Microwave Innovations adds to its 1/4 and 1/2 -Watt output options for the S-Band PCM/FM T2XO Transmitter product line a new 1-Watt T2XO package. Fully qualified the T2XO is designed for both new and legacy small diameter missile systems and munitions rounds, and is able to withstand the highest shock levels typically greater than 50,000 Grms, vibration, and thermal cycling encountered in these demanding environments. For missile test and tactical use these dependable transmitters have solid track-record of proven performance.

For more information contact: sales[at]mi-telemetry.com.

Photo Credit: United Launch Association

First Flight of GPS MTS March 2012

Announcement: Microwave Innovations is proud to congratulate United Launch Alliance (ULA) and its many program vendors on an outstanding job well done on the first flight of the GPS Metric Tracking System (MTS) launched on March 27, 2012 from CCAFS on the Atlas V, Heavy Configuration. The GPS MTS System performance exceeded all expectations and superbly demonstrated the future of Launch Vehicle tracking.

For more information contact: info[at]mi-telemetry.com

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