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About Us

Mission Statement

“Microwave Innovations is committed to providing creative product solutions, exceeding customer expectations, while diligently reviewing and continually improving quality.”


Our History

History Composite Photo web versionMicrowave Innovations, Inc. (MI) was founded in 1996 to support the Telemetry, Tracking & Control (TT&C) industries. Our president’s experience and skilled team design and build innovative telemetry products that have become often the recognized “go-to standards” in the telemetry community for high reliability and performance products.

Microwave Innovations’ core expertise spans the full range of telemetry needs from design to production of high-reliability flight components for Munitions, Aviation, and Space Launch needs. MI’s long history of rapid development and production of complex and demanding requirements brings both aerospace companies large and small, back time and again for their telemetry needs.

Microwave Innovations’ growth over the last two decades is a testament to our customer focus, quality, performance, and Reliability, and our record in achieving those goals. We have been acknowledged through awards and high vendor ratings for our dedication to customer success, from a single mission research experiment transmitter, to the multi-unit per monthly production effort on high-visibility programs.



  • Trident D5
  • Atlas V
  • Delta II & IV
  • QF4 & 16
  • Sounding Rockets & Research Balloons
  • MDA Targets
  • Maverick / Longbow
  • Mid-Range Munitions
  • Excalibur
  • Stinger
  • Min-Satellite LEOs
  • To name a few and more we can’t say…


Customer Focus

Microwave Innovations Customer Focus stands on three key rules:

  1. Responsiveness – To provide superior customer support by being responsive, available, and making our customers’ engineers, buyers, program managers, and their line technicians installing the hardware on the line know they are equally supported by their assigned internal MI Point-of-Contact (POC) and their area representative.
  2. Product Performance – To provide the best performing product available, starting with a complete technical review and a full understanding of customers’ requirements and needs, then a recommendation of the best design solution with a ready to fly design or a custom solution, with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness and delivery.
  3. Quality – To provide the highest quality product and support possible, with a company-wide QMS focus on our customers’ mission, “Our customers’ success is our success”.


Technology Focus

Microwave Innovations’ core focus is in providing Transmitters and their supporting systems and components, individually, or as a complete Telemetry Kit to the Telemetry, Track & Command (TT&C) industry. Our technology list below highlights the components and their supporting technologies available. For other components not listed, please inquire.

Transmitter / Receiver / Transceiver / Power Amplifiers / Block-Converters


  • P-Band – 310 to 350, 400 to 440, 810 to 870 MHz
  • L-Band – 1435 to 1525, 1755 to 1850 MHz
  • S-Band – 2200 to 2900, 2360 to 2395 MHz
  • C-Band – 4400 to 4940, 5091 to 5150, 5150 to 5250 MHz
  • Others upon request

RF Power

  • 1/4 Watt to 60 Watts


  • PCM/FM (ARTM Tier 0), SOQPSK-TG (Tier I), and Multi-H CPM (Tier II)

Inputs & Output Formats

  • Digital input ranges from the low 125 kbps to 40 Mbps (Modulation Dependent)
  • Analog
  • Video (All standard formats)
PCM Encoders
Cables / Antenna Systems / RF Splitter & Combiners
GPS Receivers / Transponder Units
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